Dream Damage is proud to announce that the long awaited sophmore album by Danger Beach, Pacific, is out now on CD and digital download. This marks the first Danger Beach release since 2010’s Milky Way, a home recorded lo-fi collection of melodramatic pop gems and spaghetti western epics. Pacific has expanded upon the melodic and humble beginnings of Milky Way, broadening in scope and sound to create a fully realised album.

Self produced and recorded at home, Pacific balances between a duality of light and dark with tracks channeling the darker atmosphere and aesthetics of the 80s/90s neon soaked crime films of Michael Mann, Brian De Palma, Ridley and Tony Scott, whilst the sun-soaked pop of tracks like 'TV Glow', 'Magnum' and 'Bee' recall the hazy summer vibes of Milky Way. The album includes 12 new tracks featuring guest vocal appearances from other Dream Damage artists including Assassins 88, TV Colours, The Creamers, Carey Paterson and Chris Hearn.

Pacific is now available for free download and on CD from the Danger Beach Bandcamp. Click this link to buy or stream the album below!

Black Rain

Black Rain is the latest single from the forthcoming Danger Beach album Pacific. There is no denying the dreamy cinematic quality of his excellent 2010 debut Milky Way, especially on old favourites like Apollo or Apache. While Black Rain retains that same atmosphere, it rises above the lo-fi haze into something completely fresh with driving percussion, hypnotic guitars and lush melodies. The track is now be available for streaming/download from the Danger Beach bandcamp.

'Pacific' will be out on the 30th of November through Dream Damage Records, with tour dates planned over summer.


Sioux is the first single from Danger Beach's soon to be released LP "Pacific". The album, which is currently being mixed, has ten new tracks and much like his debut release, Milky Way, it features a number of guest appearances from Dream Damage artists. There is currently no official word on a release date, but you can follow him on Tumblr and Soundcloud for all of the latest updates.

The Sound of Young Canberra

Last month New Weird Australia, Sydney record label and FBI radio program, put together the compilation "The Sound of Young Canberra". Curated by Dream Damage Records and hellosQuare recordings, the compilation is "a 12-track frozen moment of new music from Canberra in late 2010" with some new and unreleased songs from acts including Jonny Telafone, Teddy Trouble, Danger Beach, From The South, Spartak, Assassins 88 and more.

Also included is hellosQuare signees Kasha who have just released a new 7inch. Check the hellosquare website for where you can order it online. Featured for download is "Dot" from "What a Colourful Mouth".

You can get The Sound of Young Canberra in any format you like for free here

Kasha - Dot

  • Release Date: 2010
  • Label: Hellosquare Recordings
  • Genre: Rock, Experimental, Post Punk,



Danger Beach

Danger Beach is the alter ego of Lachlan Thomas (one half of ASSASSINS 88). His debut effort, Milky Way, was entirely self produced at home in his bedroom. It's a dreamy throwback to old guitar pop and spaghetti western soundtracks, with guest appearances by Jonny Telafone and TV Colours.

The limited edition CD is now sold out, but you still might be able to find copies in select record stores.

[audio:/Danger-Beach/Milky-Way/01-Milky-Way.mp3, /Danger-Beach/Milky-Way/02-Safe-Home.mp3,/Danger-Beach/Milky-Way/03-Goodbye-Baby.mp3,/Danger-Beach/Milky-Way/04-Apollo.mp3,/Danger-Beach/Milky-Way/05-Lakes.mp3,/Danger-Beach/Milky-Way/06-Terrible-Shame.mp3,/Danger-Beach/Milky-Way/07-Liberty.mp3,/Danger-Beach/Milky-Way/08-Apache.mp3,|titles=Milky Way, Safe Home, Goodbye baby, Apollo, Lakes, Terrible Shame, Liberty, Apache]