Bare Grillz

Dream Damage is excited to announce the release of Bare Grillz debut LP 'Friends' out now on Dream Damage and Y202 Records. Bare Grillz are a noisy three piece hailing from Newcastle, Australia. Friends is a product of several years and journeys; thirteen tracks of raw and noisy neo-punk. The album was recorded and mixed in Canberra early 2012 by LA Thomas (Danger Beach) and Bobby Kill (TV Colours), after a drunken pact at that years Camp A Low Hum festival. Friends was released on Vinyl through Y202 in early January and is now available to buy on limited edition cassette through Dream Damage.

Bare Grillz

"Bare Grillz are the best band in the world" - Arnold Cooth

Damn straight.

Bare Grillz from Michael Gale on Vimeo.

Bare Grillz - Sample

  • Release Date: 2010
  • Label:Self Released
  • Genre: Noise, Tropical, Punk

[audio:Bare-Grillz/Sample/01-Lee-Majors.mp3, Bare-Grillz/Sample/02-Bill-Gates-is-a-Time-Lord.mp3, Bare-Grillz/Sample/03-Self-Defence-for-Women-for-Men.mp3,|titles=Lee Majors, Bill Gates is a Time Lord, Self Defence for Women for Men]