Dream Damage is proud to announce that the long awaited sophmore album by Danger Beach, Pacific, is out now on CD and digital download. This marks the first Danger Beach release since 2010’s Milky Way, a home recorded lo-fi collection of melodramatic pop gems and spaghetti western epics. Pacific has expanded upon the melodic and humble beginnings of Milky Way, broadening in scope and sound to create a fully realised album.

Self produced and recorded at home, Pacific balances between a duality of light and dark with tracks channeling the darker atmosphere and aesthetics of the 80s/90s neon soaked crime films of Michael Mann, Brian De Palma, Ridley and Tony Scott, whilst the sun-soaked pop of tracks like 'TV Glow', 'Magnum' and 'Bee' recall the hazy summer vibes of Milky Way. The album includes 12 new tracks featuring guest vocal appearances from other Dream Damage artists including Assassins 88, TV Colours, The Creamers, Carey Paterson and Chris Hearn.

Pacific is now available for free download and on CD from the Danger Beach Bandcamp. Click this link to buy or stream the album below!