Biscuits are, at this stage at least, one of those uniquely Canberran concerns, existing only in memory: of balmy summer nights in tin sheds; rainy Sundays at The Phoenix; frosty backyard shows in Autumn. To date, the band has only played a handful of gigs; generally as a trio and only once in full four-piece glory, with a line-up that features former members of Teddy Trouble, Ah! Pandita and Graveyards. They trade in simple, devastatingly-effective guitar-pop propelled by a bounding rhythm section and topped with idiosyncratic 12-string work and that Robert Forster-esque vocal style which sounds more like the singer's having a conversation with a mate than playing to an audience. Most importantly, they have great songs.

There are an album's worth of recordings in various stages of completion which, when finished off, will be released on Dream Damage later in the year. For now though, this footage from one of their first shows is the only existing recording of Biscuits.

With the band's membership now spread across three states, their infrequent Canberra shows are, sadly, likely to become even less frequent. However, you can catch them tomorrow night at The Phoenix in support of Melbourne's Pop Singles. The night will also feature ACT expats Cat Cat and TV Colours' triumphant return to the live stage.

Words - Peter K