Teddy Trouble

Teddy Trouble was a band based in Canberra from around 2009 to 2011. Together they crafted weird-as-fuck pop songs from the happy accidents they found in 'anything-goes' jams. Their sound was often described as falling between the nostalgia of old pop like The Byrds and the jangly sounds of Flying Nun's 80’s Era. Around two years ago, they wrote and recorded The Great Indoors EP in a Canberra shed. It was originally on a limited release through Dream Damage Records and sold out on the night of its launch. Now you can download The Great Indoors from their bandcamp.

Teddy Trouble have since disbanded and won't be playing anymore shows. If you dig it, you should also check out Golden Buoy. Super seductive pop music made way back in 2007 from members of Teddy Trouble, Assassins 88 and the man himself Jonny Telafone!