Beach People

Dream Damage Records has just released the “Beach People EP”, the fourth official release for Canberra Noise-pop duo Assassins 88. “Beach People” is now available for streaming and free download from their bandcamp.

“Beach People” is the intended four track EP follow up to 2009’s “Go Go Second Chance Virgin”. Originally scheduled to be released early last year as a stand alone 7”, it was shelved in favour of an Assassins 88/TV Colours split 7”. Shared on both releases are the sleazy garage pop of “Beach People” and the psychedelic folk of “Raising Phoenix”. This EP features two additional previously unreleased tracks. “Summer Vacation” is an ode to Chevy Chase road trips and greaser doo wop, clocking in at just under a minute in length. “Wildwood Girl” is a ballad inspired by a video made in the 1990’s about the infamous boardwalk of Wildwood, New Jersey, where teenage girls would maim each other and ride roller coasters.

Trading bass for guitar, this EP is a lot shinier and dynamic than previous Assassins releases, but still holds the same rawness and grit. The EP was recorded and produced by Michael Bylztrra (of Teddy Trouble) in the summer of 2009/2010, with artwork by James Nascent.

Assassins 88 are currently writing for their sophomore album.