The Sound of Young Canberra

Last month New Weird Australia, Sydney record label and FBI radio program, put together the compilation "The Sound of Young Canberra". Curated by Dream Damage Records and hellosQuare recordings, the compilation is "a 12-track frozen moment of new music from Canberra in late 2010" with some new and unreleased songs from acts including Jonny Telafone, Teddy Trouble, Danger Beach, From The South, Spartak, Assassins 88 and more.

Also included is hellosQuare signees Kasha who have just released a new 7inch. Check the hellosquare website for where you can order it online. Featured for download is "Dot" from "What a Colourful Mouth".

You can get The Sound of Young Canberra in any format you like for free here

Kasha - Dot

  • Release Date: 2010
  • Label: Hellosquare Recordings
  • Genre: Rock, Experimental, Post Punk,