Grab a copy of the 18th September issue of UK magazine NME for an article on Dream Damage Records that makes mention of artists Assassins 88, TV Colours and Danger Beach!

"Australia sure has its fair share of Dullsvilles, but capital city Canberra takes the biscuit. However, a bunch of young bands linked with the local Dream Damage label have been contorting their inner-city suburban snoozing into ultra-distorted '50's-influenced pop gems that straddle both a very Australian interest in grunged-out rawk and a gleefully yanky-doodle punk hedonism. Assassins 88 helm this torn-flannel-and-Letterman-jacketed brigade with their Ramonesy teen thrills: under-two-minute-jams, full-on harmony and wild-eyed riffage. TV Colours and their baseball card brand of garage screw with bubblegum pop even more, while Danger Beach rep more shimmering kinds of feedback in their meditative experementalism; one foot in the highschool cafeteria, the other on the beach."