Danger Beach

Danger Beach is the alter ego of Lachlan Thomas (one half of ASSASSINS 88). His debut effort, Milky Way, was entirely self produced at home in his bedroom. It's a dreamy throwback to old guitar pop and spaghetti western soundtracks, with guest appearances by Jonny Telafone and TV Colours.

The limited edition CD is now sold out, but you still might be able to find copies in select record stores.

[audio:/Danger-Beach/Milky-Way/01-Milky-Way.mp3, /Danger-Beach/Milky-Way/02-Safe-Home.mp3,/Danger-Beach/Milky-Way/03-Goodbye-Baby.mp3,/Danger-Beach/Milky-Way/04-Apollo.mp3,/Danger-Beach/Milky-Way/05-Lakes.mp3,/Danger-Beach/Milky-Way/06-Terrible-Shame.mp3,/Danger-Beach/Milky-Way/07-Liberty.mp3,/Danger-Beach/Milky-Way/08-Apache.mp3,|titles=Milky Way, Safe Home, Goodbye baby, Apollo, Lakes, Terrible Shame, Liberty, Apache]