Wandering Bear

New mix tape from local artist Wandering Bear who creates electronic music ranging from trip hop to IDM to Drum and Bass. He is proving to be quite eclectic in terms of his output and I was surprised to find that he lives in Canberra. This compilation spans a few of his previous releases which can be viewed and listened to HERE.

coverWandering Bear - Mix Tape

  • Release Date: 2010
  • Label: Self Released
  • Genre: IDM, Electronica, Beats

[audio:/Wandering-Bear/Mix-Tape/01-Oceanic-Mic-Grippers.mp3, Wandering-Bear/Mix-Tape/02-Fuck-Flip-Canada.mp3, Wandering-Bear/Mix-Tape/03-Snares-Hand.mp3, Wandering-Bear/Mix-Tape/04-Hieroglyphs.mp3, Wandering-Bear/Mix-Tape/05-Sleep-Walker.mp3, |titles= Oceanic Mic Grippers, Fuck Flip Canada, Snares Hand, Hieroglyphs, Sleep Walker ]