Wherever The Wind Blows

Image-by-Fenkee Dream Damage Records is proud to announce the release of Jonny Telafone's new album Wherever the Wind Blows. Now available to order online, Wherever the Wind Blows sees Telafone turn to folk with a collection of ballads and acoustic pop songs about un-requited love, mental illness and werewolves. The artwork was done by Andrew Darragh. A launch show is being planned for late April and we're only able to put out 50 copies of the tape so get in quick.

(Image by Fenkee)

Artwork by Andrew DarraghJonny Telafone - Wherever The Wind Blows

  • Release Date: 2010
  • Label: Dream Damage Records
  • Genre: Folk, Pop, Blues

[audio:/Jonny-Telafone/Wherever-The-Wind-Blows/1-Wherever-The-Wind-Blows.mp3, /Jonny-Telafone/Wherever-The-Wind-Blows/2-All-I-Ever-Want.mp3, /Jonny-Telafone/Wherever-The-Wind-Blows/3-Its-Only-Ever-You.mp3, /Jonny-Telafone/Wherever-The-Wind-Blows/4-Pitter-Patter.mp3, /Jonny-Telafone/Wherever-The-Wind-Blows/5-My-Heart-Burns-Until-Its-Smoking-Cinders.mp3, /Jonny-Telafone/Wherever-The-Wind-Blows/6-Arabian-Nights.mp3, /Jonny-Telafone/Wherever-The-Wind-Blows/7-When-You-Run-Away.mp3, /Jonny-Telafone/Wherever-The-Wind-Blows/8-Howl-at-the-Moon.mp3, /Jonny-Telafone/Wherever-The-Wind-Blows/9-The-Ballad-Of-Samwise-Gamgee.mp3, /Jonny-Telafone/Wherever-The-Wind-Blows/10-Wherever-the-Wind-Blow-(reprise).mp3, |titles= Wherever The Wind Blows, All I Ever Want, Its Only Ever You, Pitter Patter, My Heart Burns (Until Its Smoking Cinders), Arabian Nights, When You Run Away, Howl At The Moon, The Ballad of Samwise Gamgee, Wherever The Wind Blows (Reprise), ]

Purchase - $5AUD