Milky Way

Danger-Beach Danger Beach is the side project of Assassins 88s L.A Thomas. A self confessed doo wop addict, he's stripped back all of the the punk to write and record pop songs. He's recently finished two new songs with Dominic Death and Jonny Telafone which should turn up somewhere soon. We asked him a few questions about the project.

What do you think separates Danger Beach to what you do with Assassins? Assassins is aggressive and punk. There is no room to chill out and I wouldn't want it to be like that. Danger Beach is like an experiment to make music that is in no way punk. It is music that I would want my girlfriend to listen to.

Do you think you can play this live? I can play this live but I don't know if I want to and I don't think there is an audience for it. Shows are rare enough as is.

What are your main influences? John Frusciante is the reason I like to play music. There is a youtube clip of him playing untitled 11 off Niandra LaDes in a drug den with his teeth rotting out. That is so fucked but so great. I'm pretty shallow with music so I usually gravitate towards singles.

How would you describe your sound? Its definitely a throwback to old pop. I have a song I am doing with Jonny Telafone that has an Elvis in Hawaii quality. It's delicate, jangly and pretty music. It sounds like I can't play guitar properly or I was pissed when I recorded but it is intentional.

Do you think that the internet will be your main outlet for distribution or are you planning to release physically? I have no plans for anything. If someone wants to share it that makes me happy but I don't want to push it on anyone. Basically I am lazy.

Download other Danger Beach tracks HERE

milky-wayDanger Beach - Milky Way

  • Release Date: 2009
  • Label: Dream Damage
  • Genre: Pop, Instrumental, Tropical

[audio:/Danger-Beach/MilkyWay/Milky-Way.mp3, |titles=Milky Way]