Ripped Jeans

false False Jesii's self released internet EP "Ripped Jeans" dropped recently so we decided to talk to Daniel Morrison the boy behind False Jesii and Camera Kazi.

Is the name False Jesii from the Pissed Jeans song? Why that name? I asked one of my friends what they thought would be a good name for a band, and she told me False Jesii. Eventually I downloaded the song and I really fucking hated it. I don't even know what it means. I wish I'd named myself Weed Diamond or something.

How did you record your albums? Ableton Live. I once tried using Audacity but I couldn't handle not having a metronome. At first I had a cable straight from my guitar/drum machine into my computer but then I lost that at a house party so now it's just a 15 dollar mic I got from JB Hi-Fi 3 years ago.

Is still being in High School restrictive on playing music? I hardly ever actually play music. I once learnt two songs by Girls in a night and that was the most I've ever done. I doubt I'd play more music if I wasn't in high school.

What do you do when not playing music? Listen to it, or play pokemon on my computer.

We were told that you don't remember how to play any of your songs. Is that because of the way you record? Yeah, the only thing I actually write down is the lyrics and I've never made a proper attempt at structuring my songs. I don't even think I could actually play a whole song in one take, because I record using loops. It's not that I don't remember how, it's more that I never knew how.

Do you have any plans to play live or start a band when you return to Canberra? Maybe if I relearnt all my songs or something, but it's highly unlikely.

What was Camera Kazi? Why did it end? Camera Kazi was me and Lital Elkobi, the friend who named False Jesii, attempting to be Crystal Castles, or if we were trying to be cool, Kap Bambino. It just kind of died because Lital didn't want to record vocals anymore, I don't really know why. Once that Brisbane band DZ asked if they could use 'War' in their DJ set and then they never replied to me, so I was pretty cut and decided to stop.

Camera Kazi was a completely different project to False Jesii, where do you see your music heading in the future? Is it all about this lo fi thing or is there another genre you would like to get into? I wanna be the next Fungi Girls. But actually I'm really jealous of them, they're like younger than me and have some sick pretentious blog and get to play shows with Abe Vigoda. At the moment I'm listening to more Boards of Canada than I used to, so maybe something like that. Also ///▲▲▲\ is rad. I'd like to make something that sort of mixes those two together along with Salem. Hopefully.

Why are you in China, how is it and when are you coming back? Government family, but not an ambassador unfortunately. It's great, and I probably won't come back to Canberra to live.

What are the big influences on False Jesii? Basketball Cards and Wavves.

How far removed from "Canberra" music do you feel? Ask Google Maps. I'm grateful for Canberra music though, especially Basketball Cards. That shit is amazing. When is that 7" coming out?

You seem to be a hit with music blogs, what are your thoughts on that? It's great. My favourite was the one from the Pigeon Post where he managed to simultaneously misspell my name and claim I redefined the "genre" of noise-pop.

Any internet albums coming up soon or do are you planning any physical releases? Apart from this Ripped Jeans release I don't really know, I haven't written anything for a long, long time. A physical release would be great but I prefer letting people just download my music for free and I wouldn't really be able to appreciate it anyway. Maybe I'll do something electronic again, I wouldn't mind that.

All of False Jesii's releases can be found HERE

rippedjeansFalse Jesii - Ripped Jeans

  • Release Date: 2009
  • Label: Self Released
  • Genre: Shoegaze, Punk, Lo-Fi

[audio:/False-Jesii/Ripped-Jeans/01-Ripped-Jeans.mp3, /False-Jesii/Ripped-Jeans/02-To-See-Your-Breath.mp3, /False-Jesii/Ripped-Jeans/03-Brain-Dead.mp3 |titles=Ripped Jeans, To See Your Breath, Brain Dead, ]