Ghost Patrol

Ghost Richie Dick Nixon, man behind the synth in The Fighting League has been living and studying in the US for the last six months. He has also been recording for the project Ghost Patrol and I got a copy of his new EP a few weeks ago. Its a nice combination of synth heavy trip hop, blending elements of 90s electronica and abstract noise. Solid debut.

artGhost Patrol - Ghost Patrol EP

  • Release Date: 2010
  • Label: Self Released
  • Genre: Electronic, Instrumental, Trip Hop

[audio:/Ghost-Patrol/EP/01-The-Corporation-GP.mp3, /Ghost-Patrol/EP/02-Blunt-Bounces.mp3, /Ghost-Patrol/EP/03-Jimmy-The-Bunny-Runs-To-The-Well.mp3, /Ghost-Patrol/EP/04-Melva.mp3 |titles=Ghost Patrol GP, Blunt Bounces, Jimmy The Bunny Runs To The Well, Melva, ]