heute-und In the tradition of My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive comes local Heute-Und, also known as Simon. His new 5 track E.P Peninsula is an interesting combination of noise and shoegaze, self described as “noisegaze”.

Heute-Und has popped up out of nowhere, having never played live or released anything prior to now. Peninsula comes from the exploration of playing with loud decibels which Simon says is “not for the sake of being loud, but to sort of see what soundscapes you can make at such a volume.” The result is a surprisingly well produced collection of reverb soaked jams that balance "wall of sound" guitars with solid songwriting.

There are no plans for a physical release of “Peninsula”, as Simon prefers to keep it digital, explaining, “I'm all of the idea that charging for a release on the net is quite often a waste of time. Henry Rollins came out with a quote that kinda sums it up: 'I'd rather be played than paid'", although he does not count out future limited releases. When not recording for Heute Und, Simon plays in a Mathcore band "Heroics" and occasionally DJs at REV.

Listen to more at his Sound Cloud.

artHeute-Und - Peninsula EP

  • Release Date: 2010
  • Label: Self Released
  • Genre: Shoegaze, Noise, Ambient

[audio:/Heute-Und/Peninsula-EP/01-Until-You-Do.mp3, /Heute-Und/Peninsula-EP/02-Lost-In-Crowds.mp3, /Heute-Und/Peninsula-EP/03-No-Idea-What-Youre-Trying-To-Say.mp3, /Heute-Und/Peninsula-EP/04-Overdose.mp3, /Heute-Und/Peninsula-EP/05-Peninsula.mp3 |titles=Until You Do, Lost In Crowds, No Idea What Youre Trying To Say, Overdose, Peninsula ]