Freedom Ride to Oblivion

Jilted_Vibe Alright everybody, welcome to the first installment of what will be an exciting and relevant music column. A column written by a person who lives in Melbourne on government money and hangs about the place, observing and analysing everything they come across like a computer.

I'll start off by mentioning Woollen Kits, a band who's name does not match their sound, who have been whoring themselves around venues recently. They might be popular one day, with that pleasing post punk vibe, but not until they learn to play in time. I like it loose though, less intimidating to my ego...

I don't like writing about music. The thing about writing about music is you shouldn't write too much. Music is an art form and it's totally subjective! All you need is a few suggestive words.

PETS WITH PETS -repetitive -sweat -floppy hat -2 ppl -kinda like psychedelic 7/10 USELESS CHILDREN -good sort of punk -super tight -emotional trauma -make scene less of a sausage-fest 8/10 BUM CREEK -worshiped -gimmicks -relaxed, over-confident, false sense of security -unremembered 5/10 LOVE OF DIAGRAMS -afternoon music -90's -cool 8/10 Next week: reviews on ACID CASUALTY, KITCHENS FLOOR plus more valuable insights!!

(Jilted Vibe)