voss "Voss' shimmering debut 'The Inland Sea', filled with treasures, maps and adventures. If you want to go on a post-colonial trip without leaving the comfort of your rising-damp bedroom walls, Voss will trundle you somewhere you've never been to. You'll find harangue guitar-work and lilting fiddle-folk. You'll unearth buried histories you won't hear anywhere else in Canberra. You'll get close if you go to one of their live shows. But there's no promise they'll take you back to where you came from, and that is a comforting thought." (From Birds Love Fighting)

Primarily made up from Ex-ManKilled members, Voss' long awaited (overdue) debut album is a finely crafted musical journey. Wedged somewhere between other notable Australian acts such as Dirty Three and The Drones, Voss' The Inland Sea is now available to buy through our online store for $15. It comes with a free poster by the amazingly talented Alice Carroll (and free shipping). Get on it!

Album_ArtVoss - The Inland Sea

  • Release Date: 2009
  • Label: Self Released
  • Genre: Folk, Country, Fake Explorer Music

[audio:/Voss/The-Inland-Sea/01-Little-Fears.mp3, /Voss/The-Inland-Sea/02-Plum-Digger.mp3, /Voss/The-Inland-Sea/03-Crow.mp3, /Voss/The-Inland-Sea/04-The-Brittle-Drum.mp3, /Voss/The-Inland-Sea/05-Foxholes-Lodestones.mp3, /Voss/The-Inland-Sea/06-Charley's-Forest-Hall.mp3, /Voss/The-Inland-Sea/07-Leichhardt-Mask.mp3, /Voss/The-Inland-Sea/08-The-Hex.mp3, /Voss/The-Inland-Sea/09-Icarus.mp3, /Voss/The-Inland-Sea/10-The-Inland-Sea.mp3, /Voss/The-Inland-Sea/11-Mythical-Bird-Bird.mp3|titles=Little Fears, Plum Digger, Crow, The Brittle Drum, Foxholes Lodestones, Charley's Forest Hall, Leichhardt Mask, The Hex, Icarus, The Inland Sea, Mythical Bird Bird]

Purchase – AUD $15