This Isn't A Dream

False-Jesii After dropping the melancholy weight of his first release, Lets Hear It For Love grew on me pretty fast. Its a different feel, but I dig it.

False-Jesii-ArtworkFalse Jesii - Lets Hear It For Love

  • Release Date: 2009
  • Label: Self Released
  • Genre: Noise Pop, Bedroom Punk, Shoegaze

[audio:False-Jesii/Lets-Hear-It-For-love/01-Drown-With Me.mp3, False-Jesii/Lets-Hear-It-For-love/02-The-Day-Dies-With You.mp3, False-Jesii/Lets-Hear-It-For-love/03-This-Isn't-a Dream.mp3, False-Jesii/Lets-Hear-It-For-love/04-Let's-Hear-It-For Love.mp3, False-Jesii/Lets-Hear-It-For-love/05-Say-Hello-to Satan.mp3|titles=Drown With Me, The Day Dies With You, This Isn't a Dream, Let's Hear it For Love, Say Hello to Satan]