The Bionic Hearts


The Bionic Hearts is Canberra's own Gemma Nourse. This self titled compilation was recorded late last year in Darwin and is a lovely little release. Gemma has an ethereal quality found in similar Australian acts like Sarah Blasko yet there is also an airy sense of darkness reminiscent of earlier Elliot Smith. Check it out, the second track Hypnotize is amazing.

the-bionic-hearts-coverThe Bionic Hearts - Untitled

  • Release Date: 2008
  • Label: Self-Released
  • Genre: Indie, Folk, Pop

[audio:The-Bionic-Hearts/Untitled/01-Swapping-Salt-For-Iron.mp3,The-Bionic-Hearts/Untitled/02-Hypnotise.mp3,The-Bionic-Hearts/Untitled/03-As-Your-Heart-Hits-The-Floor.mp3,The-Bionic-Hearts/Untitled/04-Compass.mp3|titles=Swapping Salt For Iron, Hypnotise, As Your Heart Hits The Floor, Compass]


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