Assassins 88


Assassins 88 is a bass and drums combo from Australia. Their debut album "Go Go Second Chance Virgin" matches the simplicity of 60's pop with the rawness of punk rock, all condensed into lo-fi fuzz. Described by the Rose Quartz blog as "young & dumb and pumping with hormones and cheap beer", the album's tracks are no-brainer epics that lay on the melodrama and pull at the heartstrings, and plays like a house party in a John Hughes film, making the Daniel Johnston cover at its end the perfect comedown.

Assassins 88 - Go Go Second Chance Virgin

  • Release Date: 2010
  • Label: Dream Damage
  • Genre: Pop, Noise, Punk

[audio:Assassins-88/Go-Go-Second-Chance-Virgin/01-Bees-and-Birds.mp3,Assassins-88/Go-Go-Second-Chance-Virgin/02-Golden-Youth.mp3,Assassins-88/Go-Go-Second-Chance-Virgin/03-Close-Encounter.mp3,Assassins-88/Go-Go-Second-Chance-Virgin/04-Class-of-88.mp3,Assassins-88/Go-Go-Second-Chance-Virgin/05-Girls-Girls-Girls.mp3,Assassins-88/Go-Go-Second-Chance-Virgin/06-Age-of-Consent.mp3,Assassins-88/Go-Go-Second-Chance-Virgin/07-Dry-Well-Saga.mp3,Assassins-88/Go-Go-Second-Chance-Virgin/08-Teenage-Apocalypse.mp3,Assassins-88/Go-Go-Second-Chance-Virgin/09-Go-Go-Second-Chance-Virgin.mp3,Assassins-88/Go-Go-Second-Chance-Virgin/10-True-Love.mp3|titles=Bees and Birds, Golden Youth, Close Encounter, Class of '88, Girls Girls Girls, Age of Consent, Dry Well Saga, Teenage Apocalypse, Go Go Second Chance Virgin, True Love]


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