Solaris was the concept album never officially released by the band ManKilled. This is ambient doom reminiscent of Sunn O))) and Boris and undoubtedly their best work. An epic trip into low end hell with thick and heavy bass drones and screeching guitars so sharp, it may give you tinnitus. This is the album ManKilled were formed to create.

solaris-albumManKilled - Solaris

  • Release Date: 2007
  • Label: Self-Released
  • Genre: Doom, Drone, Noise

[audio:ManKilled/Solaris/01-Solaris-Itself.mp3,ManKilled/Solaris/02-Approaching-the-Outer-Rim-(Sunrise).mp3,ManKilled/Solaris/03-10000-Year-Comet.mp3,ManKilled/Solaris/04-Dark-Matters.mp3,ManKilled/Solaris/05-The-Capsule-That-Came-Back-Black.mp3,|titles=Solaris Itself, Approaching the Outer Rim (Sunrise), 10000 Year Comet, Dark Matters, The Capsule That Came Back Black]


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