False Jesii


False Jesii is Daniel Morrison. A local teen who spends most of his time in Beijing. Bedroom Blues is his first release and is in similar vein to a lot of noise pop acts out now, lo-fi tunes awash in reverb and fuzz. Someone described it best as bedroom punk.

bedroom-bluesFalse Jesii - Bedroom Blues

  • Release Date: 2009
  • Label: Self-Released
  • Genre: Noise Pop, Lo-Fi, Bedroom Punk

[audio:False-Jesii/Bedroom-Blues/01-Death-of-the-Sun.mp3,False-Jesii/Bedroom-Blues/02-Push-Her-Away.mp3,False-Jesii/Bedroom-Blues/03-Stuck-in-the-City.mp3,False-Jesii/Bedroom-Blues/04-The-Devil.mp3,False-Jesii/Bedroom-Blues/05-Sidewalks.mp3,False-Jesii/Bedroom-Blues/06-The-Morning-Sun.mp3,|titles=Death of the Sun, Push Her Away, Stuck in the City, The Devil, Sidewalks, The Morning Sun] Download

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