Cat Cat


Cat Cat formed in mid 2008 and are Conor, Kieren, Goo and Warwick. This combination of members and style allows the band to stay on a steady road of up beat 60's psych tunes to 80's cruising tempo's.

Their impressive debut release 'Dig Mountains' is a sharp motorik kraut rock and cruising psychedelic trip. The Cat Cat EP is now, courtesy of Birds Love Fighting Records, available to purchase as a high quality digital download through the Dream Damage store

Cat Cat - Dig MountainsCat Cat - Dig Mountains

[audio:Cat-Cat/Dig-Mountains/01-Dig.mp3,Cat-Cat/Dig-Mountains/02-Swamp-Rat.mp3,Cat-Cat/Dig-Mountains/03-Bobby-Killed-The-Cat.mp3,Cat-Cat/Dig-Mountains/04-Old-New.mp3,Cat-Cat/Dig-Mountains/05-B.mp3,Cat-Cat/Dig-Mountains/06-Mountains.mp3|titles=Dig, Swamp Rat, Bobby Killed The Cat, Old New, B, Mountains] Purchase - AUD $2

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