ManKilled Ouroboros

More brutal noise from ManKilled. This is more of an ambitious recording than the previous two, and sees them making the slow transition into sludge territory. Psychedelic echoes of suburban sheds, haunting and violent jams, best listened to with stereo headphones.

ManKilled - OuroborosManKilled - Ouroboros

  • Release Date: 2006
  • Label: Self Released
  • Genre: Doom, Drone, Experimental

[audio:ManKilled/Ouroboros/01-Ouroboros-I.mp3,ManKilled/Ouroboros/02-Yer-Yer-Yer.mp3,ManKilled/Ouroboros/03-Ouroboros-II.mp3,ManKilled/Ouroboros/04-Guns-Against-Guns-(still).mp3,ManKilled/Ouroboros/05-Those-Shining-Paths.mp3,ManKilled/Ouroboros/06-Why-He-Doesnt-Live-Here-Anymore.mp3,ManKilled/Ouroboros/07-Bastard-Tailor-Sink-and-Prig.mp3|titles=Ouroboros I, Yer Yer Yer, Ouroboros II, Guns Against Guns (still), Those Shining Paths!, Why He Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Bastard, Tailor, Sink & Prig]


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