ManKilled were a band based in Canberra from 2006 to 2008. Building feedback upon feedback and swirling wall of sounds they played a number supports for national acts like Naked on the Vague and My Disco. This first release consists of nine tracks of hard hitting free noise jams.

ManKilled EPManKilled - Self Titled EP

  • Release Date: 2006
  • Label: Self Released
  • Genre: Noise, Drone, Experimental

[audio:ManKilled/Self-Titled/01-Man-Killed-pt.1.mp3,ManKilled/Self-Titled/02-Man-Killed-pt.2.mp3,ManKilled/Self-Titled/03-Canopy-Blade.mp3,ManKilled/Self-Titled/04-Man-Killed-(Reprise).mp3,ManKilled/Self-Titled/05-Stolen-Wool.mp3,ManKilled/Self-Titled/06-The-Long-History-of-Burglary.mp3,ManKilled/Self-Titled/07-Bunk-Sample.mp3,ManKilled/Self-Titled/08-The-Coot-Returns.mp3,ManKilled/Self-Titled/09-The-Perfect-Insect-Emerges-with-Clear-Wings.mp3|titles=Man Killed Pt.1, Man Killed Pt.2, Canopy Blade, Man Killed (Reprise), Stolen Wool, The Long History of Burglary,Bunk Sample, The Coot Returns, The Perfect Insect Emerges with Clear Wings] Download.

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