Deer Split

ManKilled - Deer Split

Released as a split EP with Shoeb Ahmad on the label Hello Square Recordings. "Deer" has grinding bass lines so thick that its like trudging through cosmic swamps of a doom delirium. Needles to say, this EP is epic.

Deer SplitManKilled - Deer Split

  • Release Date: 2007
  • Label: Hello Square Recordings
  • Genre: Doom, Drone, Experimental

[audio:ManKilled/Deer-Split/01-The-White-Ox-In-Bloom.mp3,ManKilled/Deer-Split/02-Digging-A-Grave-For-All-You-Cunts.mp3,ManKilled/Deer-Split/03-Hey-Cat-Fish-Man.mp3,ManKilled/Deer-Split/04-Digging-A-Grave-For-All-You-Cunts.mp3,ManKilled/Deer-Split/05-Isaac-Patterns.mp3,ManKilled/Deer-Split/06-The-Capsule-That-Came-Back-Black.mp3|titles=The White Ox In Bloom, Digging A Grave For All You Cunts Pt 1, Hey Cat-Fish Man, Digging A Grave For All You Cunts (Reprise), Isaac Patterns, The Capsule That Came Back Black]


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