The Gashes


The Gashes were a post-punk band based in Canberra who only managed to last a few solid months after lead man Emmett Cotton packed his bags for the green pastures of Europe. The Gashes established themselves instantly as a flash-in-the pan band, who in in a few short months played a huge amount of gigs supporting The Stabs, The Witch Hats, Ohana and Spider Vomit .

The three piece, propelled by grinding bass lines flourished in its no wave influences to create a mash up sound of post-punk and garage. Victory for Boys being their only release captured the bands electric live vibe. Copies of the EP are still available through Birds Love Fighting.

victory-for-boysThe Gashes - Victory For Boys

[audio:The-Gashes/Victory-for-Boys/01-Hunting-Doves.mp3,The-Gashes/Victory-for-Boys/02-Brain-Pulse.mp3,The-Gashes/Victory-for-Boys/03-Never-Run-In-The-Dark.mp3,The-Gashes/Victory-for-Boys/04-Skullz.mp3,The-Gashes/Victory-for-Boys/05-Untitled.mp3|titles=Hunting Doves, Brain Pulse, Never Run in the Dark, Skullz, Untitled] Download

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