The Death Posture


The Death Posture is the second full length album by Jonny Telafone and is a trip down a black hole into the dreamy soundscapes of his own demise. Reminiscent of the melancholy feedback of The Jesus and Mary Chain blended with the minimal synth drones of Salem or Telepathe.

Jonny Telafone - Doomed in Love (By Tim dWYer)

the-death-postureJonny Telafone - The Death Posture

  • Release Date: 2009
  • Label: Self Released
  • Genre: Alternative, Shoegaze, Lo-Fi

[audio:Jonny-Telafone/The-Death-Posture/01-Doomed-In-Love.mp3,Jonny-Telafone/The-Death-Posture/02-Only-Temporary-Things.mp3,Jonny-Telafone/The-Death-Posture/03-Can-We-Pretend-a-Little-Longer.mp3,Jonny-Telafone/The-Death-Posture/04-Broken-Hearts-Are-Hard-To-Fix.mp3,Jonny-Telafone/The-Death-Posture/05-It's-Your-Fault-You're-Making-Me.mp3,Jonny-Telafone/The-Death-Posture/06-Casting-a-Spell-at-Night.mp3,Jonny-Telafone/The-Death-Posture/07-Dream-Girl.mp3,Jonny-Telafone/The-Death-Posture/08-Death.mp3,Jonny-Telafone/The-Death-Posture/09-I'm-So-Tired.mp3|titles=Doomed In Love, Only Temporary Things, Can We Pretend a Little Longer, Broken Hearts Are Hard To Fix, It's Your Fault You're Making Me, Casting a Spell at Night, Dream Girl, Death, I'm So Tired] Download

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