Tim dWYer

Tim dWYer

Tim Dwyer has forever been a strong presence in the Canberra art scene.  Tim has worked to bring some of the big names in breakcore and noise to Canberra, including Defektro last year. The three songs in this compilation are some breakcore tracks which build around a collection of big beat and hip hop samples. His live show is a borderline religious experience, its just a shame that he doesn't play that much anymore. You can check out a Tim's video work here.

Tim dWYerTim dWYer - Untitled

  • Release Date: Unknown
  • Label: Self Released
  • Genre: Breakcore, Electronic

[audio:Tim-dWYer/Untitled/eatplastic.mp3,Tim-dWYer/Untitled/egoooo.mp3,Tim-dWYer/Untitled/fgywewk.mp3|titles=eatplastic, egoooo, fgywewk] Download

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