This Is (Violence) The Fighting League


Since forming in 2008 the band has headlined many shows and supported bands like Young and Restless (Melbourne) and M.O.T.O (US). Fronted by its charismatic lead singer Dominic Death, The Fighting League are renowned for their intense performances and party-punk anthems.

Their debut recording This is (violence) The Fighting League was recorded with the assistance of band From the South in a makeshift studio in the suburb of Downer. Songs include the infectious "Lets Go Dancing", anthemic "Crystal Night" and "See Your Face", raw punk "She takes Medicine" and ballad "Jesus".  Known for putting on unforgettably energetic shows, seeing them live is a must.

This is ViolenceThe Fighting League - This Is (Violence) The Fighting League EP

  • Release Date: 2009
  • Label: Dream Damage
  • Genre: Punk, New Wave

[audio:/The-Fighting-League/This-Is-(Violence)-The-Fighting-League/01-Lets-Go-Dancing.mp3,The-Fighting-League/This-Is-(Violence)-The-Fighting-League/02-Jesus.mp3,The-Fighting-League/This-Is-(Violence)-The-Fighting-League/03-Crystal-Night.mp3,The-Fighting-League/This-Is-(Violence)-The-Fighting-League/04-See-Your-Face-Again.mp3,The-Fighting-League/This-Is-(Violence)-The-Fighting-League/05-She-Takes-Medicine.mp3|titles=Lets Go Dancing, Jesus, Crystal Night, See Your Face Again, She Takes Medicine] Download

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