Jonny Telafone

Jonny Telafone

Jonny Telafone is a solo artist, currently based in Canberra. Jonny Telafone has been writing and recording music in his bedroom for as long as I've known him. The following is his 2007 release "Magik". A collection of lo-fi pop songs about sadness, super heroes, sexual frustration and the occult, tha span the early years of his home recordings.

Alone in Space by Jonny Telafone (Video by Ed Wood)

MAGICKJonny Telafone - Magik

  • Release Date: 2007
  • Label: Self Released
  • Genre: Lo-Fi, Noise Pop

[audio:Jonny-Telafone/Magick/01-Levitate.mp3,Jonny-Telafone/Magick/02-Lonely-Masturbator.mp3,Jonny-Telafone/Magick/03-Girls-vs-Fun.mp3,Jonny-Telafone/Magick/04-Robotic-Love.mp3,Jonny-Telafone/Magick/05-Got-a-Ticket.mp3,Jonny-Telafone/Magick/06-Magik.mp3,Jonny-Telafone/Magick/07-In-Dreams.mp3,Jonny-Telafone/Magick/08-Aquaman.mp3,Jonny-Telafone/Magick/09-Apocalypse-Afternoon.mp3,Jonny-Telafone/Magick/10-Chris'-Guitar.mp3,Jonny-Telafone/Magick/11-Alone-in-Space.mp3,|titles=Levitate, Lonely Masturbator, Girls vs Fun, Robotic Love, Got a Ticket, Magik, In Dreams, Aquaman, Apocalypse Afternoon, Chris' Guitar, Alone in Space] Download

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