The Battle

Are The Brave All Dead Promo

In late 2007 Are The Brave All Dead recorded a demo which was to be the basis for a second E.P. In early 2008 the band split, abandoning all plans for the release. This untitled release dubbed "The Battle E.P" is a marked difference from the first release, representing a more unique style from the band.

The BattleAre The Brave All Dead - The Battle EP

  • Release Date: 2008
  • Label: Self Released
  • Genre: Alternative, Punk

[audio:Are-The-Brave-All-Dead/The-Battle/01-Battle.mp3,Are-The-Brave-All-Dead/The-Battle/02-Broken-Glass.mp3,Are-The-Brave-All-Dead/The-Battle/03-Die Die Die-Young-and-Restless.mp3,Are-The-Brave-All-Dead/The-Battle/04-Shadows.mp3,Are-The-Brave-All-Dead/The-Battle/05-Arab-Strap.mp3|titles=Battle, Broken Glass, Die Die Die! Young & Restless, Shadows, Arab Strap] Download

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