Bare Grillz

Dream Damage is excited to announce the release of Bare Grillz debut LP 'Friends' out now on Dream Damage and Y202 Records. Bare Grillz are a noisy three piece hailing from Newcastle, Australia. Friends is a product of several years and journeys; thirteen tracks of raw and noisy neo-punk. The album was recorded and mixed in Canberra early 2012 by LA Thomas (Danger Beach) and Bobby Kill (TV Colours), after a drunken pact at that years Camp A Low Hum festival. Friends was released on Vinyl through Y202 in early January and is now available to buy on limited edition cassette through Dream Damage.

Slow Violence

Slow Violence is the solo project of one Canberra native currently living/studying in the US. He makes music in his dorm room using collected field recordings, processed instrumentation, vocals and samples "resulting in ominous compositions that bleed across multiple genres, spanning sample-heavy R&B, found-sound atmosphere, jittery beatmaking, melody-steeped ambient, horror-film foreboding and even delicately sung dream-pop.” (Mess + Noise) 'New Teen Angst Pt. 2' is now available to download from our bandcamp


POWER MOVES is the blinged and bugged out beats project of composer/artist Austin Buckett (Golden Blonde, Pollen Trio) who recently relocated to Sydney after a year or so hopping between Berlin and New York City.

We're proud to announce the release of POWER MOVES debut beat tape Psycho Shower Scene, a raw collage of collected field recordings, vocal interjections and left over album stems inspired by the dark absurdity of Tim and Eric, Chicago Footwork, dub, and modern gangster aesthetics. Also featuring fragmented cuttings from Wu - Tang Clan, Freddie Gibbs, Capone n Noreaga and Slum Village accapellas, the free EP exists both as a record in its own right and as a beat tape for future recycling and re-use by MC’s and producers alike.

Psycho Shower Scene was mixed/mastered by Sydney producer Thomas William and is now available to download for FREE!


'Beverly' is the first single from Purple Skies, Toxic River, an album some six years in the making. After scrapping two completed versions of the record along the way, Canberra's TV Colours has finally realised his long-held vision. Purple Skies, Toxic River is a densely layered debut: the product of teenage obsessions with heavy metal, punk and '80s cinema threaded together with sound collages and sonic vignettes. In Beverly, the album's pop centrepiece, chugging guitars, wavering synths and thundering drum machines bring home a soaring, anthemic chorus. At the start of the year, a full band featuring members of Assassins 88, Danger Beach and The Fighting League was assembled for live shows. The four piece have have already played alongside Deerhoof and Thee Oh Sees and will tour nationally later in the year.


Dave Spirit and Chris Valley are Spirit Valley, a crushing two piece from Sydney. As the self proclaimed purveyors of Doomshine, Spirit Valley haven't let their newly found genre down, providing blasting guitars driven by a wall of pounding tom rolls all below the guttural reaches of singer/guitarist Dave Spirit's vocals chords. Spirit Valley's debut EP 'Death' is a dark experience, channeling the strangulated ferocity of The Birthday Party against a booze soaked balladry reminiscent of Tom Waits. Since their inception, Spirit Valley have fast become renowned for their powerful live shows, and in saying this we a proud to announce the release of their debut recording. 'Death' was independently released by the band and is now distributed through Dream Damage Records via our online store

Spirit Valley will be on tour throughout January and Febuary in support of their release:



Dream Damage is proud to announce that the long awaited sophmore album by Danger Beach, Pacific, is out now on CD and digital download. This marks the first Danger Beach release since 2010’s Milky Way, a home recorded lo-fi collection of melodramatic pop gems and spaghetti western epics. Pacific has expanded upon the melodic and humble beginnings of Milky Way, broadening in scope and sound to create a fully realised album.

Self produced and recorded at home, Pacific balances between a duality of light and dark with tracks channeling the darker atmosphere and aesthetics of the 80s/90s neon soaked crime films of Michael Mann, Brian De Palma, Ridley and Tony Scott, whilst the sun-soaked pop of tracks like 'TV Glow', 'Magnum' and 'Bee' recall the hazy summer vibes of Milky Way. The album includes 12 new tracks featuring guest vocal appearances from other Dream Damage artists including Assassins 88, TV Colours, The Creamers, Carey Paterson and Chris Hearn.

Pacific is now available for free download and on CD from the Danger Beach Bandcamp. Click this link to buy or stream the album below!

Black Rain

Black Rain is the latest single from the forthcoming Danger Beach album Pacific. There is no denying the dreamy cinematic quality of his excellent 2010 debut Milky Way, especially on old favourites like Apollo or Apache. While Black Rain retains that same atmosphere, it rises above the lo-fi haze into something completely fresh with driving percussion, hypnotic guitars and lush melodies. The track is now be available for streaming/download from the Danger Beach bandcamp.

'Pacific' will be out on the 30th of November through Dream Damage Records, with tour dates planned over summer.


Biscuits are, at this stage at least, one of those uniquely Canberran concerns, existing only in memory: of balmy summer nights in tin sheds; rainy Sundays at The Phoenix; frosty backyard shows in Autumn. To date, the band has only played a handful of gigs; generally as a trio and only once in full four-piece glory, with a line-up that features former members of Teddy Trouble, Ah! Pandita and Graveyards. They trade in simple, devastatingly-effective guitar-pop propelled by a bounding rhythm section and topped with idiosyncratic 12-string work and that Robert Forster-esque vocal style which sounds more like the singer's having a conversation with a mate than playing to an audience. Most importantly, they have great songs.

There are an album's worth of recordings in various stages of completion which, when finished off, will be released on Dream Damage later in the year. For now though, this footage from one of their first shows is the only existing recording of Biscuits.

With the band's membership now spread across three states, their infrequent Canberra shows are, sadly, likely to become even less frequent. However, you can catch them tomorrow night at The Phoenix in support of Melbourne's Pop Singles. The night will also feature ACT expats Cat Cat and TV Colours' triumphant return to the live stage.

Words - Peter K


DeVenture was the recording project of Lachlan Thomas (aka Danger Beach) and Alejandro Ylich Ramirez Alcazar (aka Brother Gozu), who got together around 2005/2006 to play music. They were both heavily influenced by the solo records of John Frusciante and more notably by the improvised performances he was doing at the time with Josh Klinghoffer. These recordings are some of their earliest experiments.

In 2007, they played some improvised live shows but disbanded soon after.

[audio: DeVenture/01-Staccatto.mp3, DeVenture/02-compton.mp3 |titles=Staccato, Compton ]



Sioux is the first single from Danger Beach's soon to be released LP "Pacific". The album, which is currently being mixed, has ten new tracks and much like his debut release, Milky Way, it features a number of guest appearances from Dream Damage artists. There is currently no official word on a release date, but you can follow him on Tumblr and Soundcloud for all of the latest updates.


Check out The Fighting League's new video for Calypso, with out a doubt one of my favourite jams from Tropical Paradise. The clip was directed and edited by Frazer Bull-Clark and Joel Snyder, and is basically a day in the life of the band type thing, both hilarious and 100% accurate.

The Fighting League will be hitting the road over the next few weeks, starting this weekend in Melbourne and then Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle and Adelaide to follow. Watch this space for more details.

Teddy Trouble

Teddy Trouble was a band based in Canberra from around 2009 to 2011. Together they crafted weird-as-fuck pop songs from the happy accidents they found in 'anything-goes' jams. Their sound was often described as falling between the nostalgia of old pop like The Byrds and the jangly sounds of Flying Nun's 80’s Era. Around two years ago, they wrote and recorded The Great Indoors EP in a Canberra shed. It was originally on a limited release through Dream Damage Records and sold out on the night of its launch. Now you can download The Great Indoors from their bandcamp.

Teddy Trouble have since disbanded and won't be playing anymore shows. If you dig it, you should also check out Golden Buoy. Super seductive pop music made way back in 2007 from members of Teddy Trouble, Assassins 88 and the man himself Jonny Telafone!


Uralba is the debut album from Melbourne based guitar-pop/post-punk trio CAT CAT, self recorded on a farm just outside of Canberra (called Uralba) and then later mixed/mastered in Melbourne. The album's songs are a mix of minimal pop and jangly post punk, with cruising tempos, bright guitars, and hypnotic vocals.

Uralba is out now on 12″ vinyl, and is available to buy, or stream (download soon) from Cat Cat’s bandcamp, and also through our online store. They will be launching the record in Canberra, Sydney and Newcastle this weekend (facebook event) then Hobart the Friday after, with more dates to follow in January/February.

Tropical Paradise

The Fighting League is a five piece punk band from Canberra, Australia. Their long awaited debut album, Tropical Paradise, is 14 slices of tropical punk heaven, packed with a heavy load of bravado and swagger. The albums tracks are grit-teeth party punk anthems, played with a raw energy that matches their intense live show.

Tropical Paradise is out now on 12" vinyl, and is available to buy, stream or download (for FREE!) from The Fighting League's bandcamp, and also through our online store. They will be launching the record in Sydney on the 15th of December at OAF (Sydney facebook event) and then in Canberra on the 17th at The Phoenix (Canberra facebook event), with more dates to follow in early January.

Keep it tropical.